Wills & Estate Planning


The only way to ensure that wishes are carried out after death is to leave a will. If a person dies without a will in place, the law currently dictates how the estate is to be distributed which can cause unwanted results. It is also important that, having made a will, it is kept under regular review to ensure that the will takes into account changing family circumstances.

We are able to assist with the drafting of a will, whether the affairs are straightforward or more complex. We are also able to advise on the use of wills as an effective tax planning tool and as to the inclusion of trusts within a will where appropriate.

Example of our experience: Administration of Trusts - Trust taxation

We were approached by the trustees of a trust with a bag full of papers.  The trustees had got themselves in rather a muddle finding themselves completely out of depth in dealing with the trust's taxation affairs. We established a record with HMRC to act as Agent for the trustees and then completed several years of amended trust and estate tax returns, to include making claims for tax repayments on behalf of those minor beneficiaries who had received income distributions from the trust during those years.  We now act for the trustees in all aspects of trust administration.

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